How to learn AWS quickly

Tue, Apr 7, 2020

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When you start preparing, assume that you are going to upgrade all your applications to the cloud from physical servers. Now you will get popped up the below questions. Finding answers to the questions will lead you to the path for learning AWS.

In the real-world , to deploy any application, we will have a server that has OS (Linux or mac or windows) and on top of OS, we have all the required software installed. For Example, if you are using java to develop your business logic,you install java on the OS. In the same way, you may have database servers that have database software like SQL, Oracle installed.

Question# 1 : In AWS how to install java and how to deploy the business logic?

Answer: 1 you will have EC2 instances in AWS which will allow you to select OS type and on top of OS you can install java.

Answer: 2: you have Elastic beanstalk in AWS, which will automatically create an environment with all the required software installed and you can just upload your files to deploy.

Question# 2 : with the above question continuation, you should be triggered with another question that which service to select?

If you don’t want to build, configure and do the environment setup, you can choose Elastic beanstalk.

Question# 3 : In AWS how to install database software and how to deploy?

Answer: you have RDS service in AWS where you will get the database software installed on the cloud.AWS comes in the new databases Amazon aurora, redshift, dynamo DB.

Question# 4 : Which Service to choose RDS or EC2 instance for Database ?

In RDS, amazon will take care of configuration, security and other administration. But In the case of EC2, you have to take care of the administration work.

Question# 5 : Are there any easy ways to manage API in the cloud ?

AWS Lamda.

Question# 6 : Is there any service to store data as an object ?


Question# 7 : where will you store all the static images files generated by your application in the cloud?

S3 and file servers.

Question# 8 : Are there any different storage levels available in S3 storage?


Question# 9 : Is there any service in AWS to document the whole project architecture and create more architecture from that template?

Cloud formation

Question# 10 : how to give access, permission to developers to login to my AWS account?

IAM (Access Management Identity )