How I cleared the AWS solution Architect Associate Exam

Tue, Feb 11, 2020

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First, I started watching udemy video course to get a basic idea about the AWS. Then I started studying AWS documentation and AWS FAQs.Also, I watched AWS reinvent videos from the AWS website

Important services to explore for AWS exam :

S3 : S3 is a simple service for storage and You need to understand the different types of storage available in S3. I have already shared important notes on S3 AWS S3 Deepdive

VPC: VPC -the virtual private cloud is the most important for the AWS architect associate should practice creating your own VPN, subnets, NACL, security groups and you should create the whole architecture. Also, you should know about NAT gateways, NAT instance, and a bastion host.

EBS and EC2 Instance : EBS is block-level storage and EC2 is to install software like application server or web server or DB server. Here you should how will you take snapshots on EBS volumes and explore the types of instances General purpose, Provisioned IOPS, Throughput optimized.

HA(Highly Available) Architecture : Here you will get questions like, always there should be 6 instances running in case of any availability zone failure. So you may get questions to choose how many instances required in an availability zone. Understand the difference between the Availablity zones and regions. To increase performance, you can create multi AZ’s and for disaster recovery, you have to do cross-region replication.

Load Balancers and Cloud front distribution : Explore the three types of load balancers classic, application, network load balancers. Cloud front distribution is used to create a storage cache in the cloud which can give an equal performance for all latencies across the globe. explore how do you configure load balancers and cloud front using route 53 service.

Route 53 : Understand the DNA server and different types of records A record, CNAME, etc. Also, explore the different types of routing in S3

Database in AWS: Amazon Aurora – is to replace SQL and PostgreSQL databases in the cloud.DynamoDB- to store JSON data and it is NoSQL DB. Redshift is for data warehousing. You should know about multi AZ’s and Read replicas.

SQS , SNS : SQS is to decouple the architecture and it is a queue system . If you want to maintain the order , you should use FIFO queues.SNS is a notification service

Cloud watch, Cloud Trial and VPC flow Logs: Cloud watch is to monitor the API’s and VPC flow logs is to verify the logs for the whole VPC. Cloud watch is to monitor the metrics about all other services.

IAM(Identity Access Management): IAM is to create user roles and groups and to provide access to all AWS services. Also, you should explore the key management service KMS, CMS, and Server-side encryption (encryption at rest and encryption at transit ).

Conclusion :

If you explored the services I mentioned here , you can take the practice test and based on your confidence level you can schedule the AWS exam.