Arrow Function in Javascript

Fri, Nov 15, 2019

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What’s the meaning of “=>” (an arrow formed from equals greater than) in JavaScript?

“=>” This is called arrow function in JavaScript. This arrow function is a kind of substitute for the function keyword.

Consider, writing a function for addition of two numbers

var ADD=function(a,b){
     return a+b;
 // The same can be written with arrow function .
var ADDArrowFunc =(a,b)=>{
                return a+b;

Here the difference is, parameters have to be written in front of the arrow function.

Arrow Function with Single Parameter :

For the single parameter, the parentheses are optional.

var double=a=>{
  return a+a;

one line function expression:

For online function expression, the return statement and curly brackets are optional.

  • var Multiply =a=>a*a;